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Contact us for the best services that meet your all needs from furniture assembling, cabinet making to partitions of rooms and repairing of wooden and other similar category wooden works. Our clients prefer us every time they need a carpenter in Dubai because our skilled and experienced professionals have unmatched abilities to craft wood chips into amazing furniture and fixtures which outshines your home or office with eye-catching looks and long-life durability.

Fix Plus Care LLC is also providing emergency Carpenter in Dubai to facilitate its clients in times of urgency. In the presence of complete services from all respects, you need not to go anywhere else for carpentry services. Experience our services backed by professional carpenters and state-of-the-art tools and equipment. Here is a brief overview of the services we are offering:


Furniture Assembling

Most of us invest in furniture which is most desirable to us all the time and we have planned for a long time to acquire it. But it is also a fact that after a new flat-pack purchase for home or workplace, furniture assembling becomes a time-consuming and frustrating task because it involves a risk of damage to furniture or wrong assembling. It is preferable to hire the services of experts for assembling and disassembling new or existing furniture so that the furniture can be assembled or disassembled perfectly and you do not face any problem. The company has the best facilities in this regard. Just contact us and the expert will reach at your site.

Cabinet Making By Professional Carpenter in Dubai

Cabinets are made to enhance home or office space’s functionality and aesthetics. If the cabinet is made in accordance with the specific requirements, it serves best to meet the storage needs effectively. Our carpenters understand to meet the clients’ requirements with precisions and style.

TV Table Fixing in Carpentry Services

There are different ways to place a TV or LED at home or workplace. In case, your TV stand is wobbling or you face tangled wires, you can hire our services to fix or install your TV table perfectly so that its position and alignment ensures optimal viewing experience enabling you to enjoy your favorite TV shows.

Door Hinges Repair

Ignoring greasing can cause creaky door hinges and may cause damage by rust. In any case door hinges need to be repaired or replaced so that they may not disrupt the peace of your home or office. To ensure the smooth and silent operation of door hinges, contact us and hire the door experts. 

Drilling & Hanging Work

Hanging a piece of art, mirrors, curtains, wall clocks or any other thing perfectly on a wall needs careful drilling and alignment. Inform us in case you need the services of experts for the job. Our experts ensure clean drilling without damaging the walls and hang the objects perfectly.

Shelves Installation

Shelves not only organize the space of a room but also enhance its aesthetics. Expert services are required to make and install shelves that fit the needs and style. Our Shelving solutions are designed to maximize storage with beautifying the looks of your room in your home or workplace.

Wooden Partition Making

If you want to utilize a large space to accommodate more rooms or offices, you can create a wooden partition between large spaces to utilize them effectively. Our carpenters transform the looks of a room so perfectly by making partitions and cabins so that the space could meet your requirements and complement your décor seamlessly.

Gypsum Partition Making

Like a wooden partition, gypsum partitions are another solution to create distinct areas within a room or office. You can avail our services to experience cost-effective and versatile solutions to the space issues you are facing at your home or office.

Door Lock Fixing

You can avail our services to fix or replace damaged door locks professionally to ensure the safety of your home and property.

Bed Repair

Damaged or squeaking beds need to be fixed or repaired. There may be an issue with the frames of the bed. Our skilled carpenters can assist you in strengthening bed frames so that you may enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Mounting Brackets

Our carpenters perfectly mount the brackets for TV, bookshelf, or any other fixture so that they can support the weight and ensure the safety of objects placed on them. Experience the expertise today!

Parquet Flooring By Carpenter in Dubai

Parquet flooring if installed by an expert can really enhance the looks of a room’s flooring. If you want that your parquet flooring is installed perfectly you should avail our parquet flooring services. You are rest assured that your flooring will not only look beautiful but also built to last. Get the best living experience in Dubai by Professional Carpentry Service offered by Fix Plus Care LLC

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