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If you want home and office renovation into a functional and aesthetically pleasing environment, avail the services of Fix Plus Technical Services LLC that is serving all the residents of Dubai in renovation of their spaces in the way they want to see them. The company is offering a comprehensive range of services to revamp your home and office renovation as listed below and put all efforts to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

There are skilled professionals and workers in our team capable of completing any task assigned to them with commitment to excellence. We are using state-of-the-art equipment in every project as per its requirements which ensures cleanliness and efficiency in the work. Our clients can expect a one-stop solution for all their home and office renovation needs in Dubai. Here is an overview of services we offer related to renovation, repairing and fixing works related to any home or office:

home and office renovation

Home and Office Renovation | Furniture Repairing

Whether your office chair is wobbling or it’s new furniture in your home or office which needs assembling or the existing damaged furniture, our team knows how to repair or assemble them without damaging any part.

Painting Services in Dubai

You can refresh the looks of your walls by painting them. Ask us for experienced painters in Dubai who know how to bring color to life. Our services cover wall painting from a single room to an entire building.

AC Repairing and Installation Services (HVAC | AC and Ventilation)

The company is offering best AC repairing and installation services including HVAC| AC and Ventilation. To ensure the right indoor climate, our technicians will put all efforts to get your cooling system installed or repaired.

Home and Office Renovation | Electrical Works, Repairing, and Installation

To ensure the safety and efficiency of electrical systems installed in homes or offices, expert electricians are available to remove all the issues pertaining to your wiring and complete electricity outlets.

Masonry Services in Dubai

Get the expert masonry services in Dubai from us to build strong foundations and beautiful structures of your home and office as per engineering plan and any repairing work to ensure the durability of the buildings.

Aluminum & Glass Work in Dubai

We are providing skilled persons for aluminum and glass work related to the windows, doors, or partitions of your home and office renovation in Dubai who are expert in such handyman jobs.

Plumbing Services in Dubai

Gypsum Partitioning

Our plumbers reach anywhere in Dubai to handle all plumbing needs of clients from leaky faucets, clogged drains, or new pipes installations. Covering all type of home and office renovation in Dubai

To use the spaces efficiently, or to make partitions of existing spaces to accommodate more offices under one roof, gypsum partitions are often used. Call us to hire a professional for gypsum works.

Carpentry & Woodwork

You can avail our carpentry and woodwork services for all types of wood works for your home and offices including kitchen cabinets, doors, and even moveable and fixed furniture as per the design you choose.

General and Deep Cleaning

We help our clients in general and deep cleaning of their homes and offices renovation to maintain tidiness and a healthy environment to ensure good health of residents or workers and to enhance the looks of the place.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Our services related to swimming pool maintenance include repairing, cleaning, and new installations.

Home Disinfection (Sanitization)

You can also take our services to disinfect your buildings from viruses to prevent diseases and ensure safety of the residents and visitors.

Pest Control

Pest control is one of the most important preventive measures to increase the life of the buildings. From termites to ants and cockroaches, all types of pest are controlled by our experts.

Water Tank Cleaning

We are also providing water tank cleaning services to ensure the purity of water to keep you healthy and safe.

AC Duct Cleaning and AC Coil Cleaning

Our technicians are skilled in cleaning of AC duct and coil to ensure that your AC is delivering clean air.

Handyman Services

Our handyman services include all small repairs and odd jobs which sometimes become hectic for our clients if they perform them on their own.

Pleated Flyscreen

Small insects and bugs often carry diseases which cause health risks. With our pleated flyscreen installation services, you can protect your home and office from uninvited little guests and ensure hygiene.

Moving Services

Shifting from one place to another is often a hectic and tiring activity and a risk of damage to home accessories and utensils is also involved. Proper packing of movable things before moving and loading into a truck is a wise decision. The company is providing best moving services and takes responsibility for safe transfer from one place to another.

Garage Door Maintenance

Contact us if your garage door needs maintenance and leave the rest to our experts.

Garden Maintenance

These services cover all the maintenance of the garden from arranging the plants, removing the weeds and unwanted bushes to extending the water outlets to far corners.

Kitchen Renovation

You can renovate your kitchen as you desire through our expert facilities. We will assist you in modernizing and optimizing your kitchen and its accessories and other installations and let your dream come true.

Bathroom Renovation

If you have a plan to renovate your bathroom and are looking for experts to draw the sketch in real life, you can share and discuss your idea with us, and we will assign the renovation task to the most relevant professionals who have the required skills. The renovation will surely be satisfactory.

Interior Vinyl Warping

Vinyl warping outshines the looks of a room especially if it is laid on the floor surface of an office, it catches the attention of visitors. If you want to lay it in your building with perfection, we have experts for covering your floor with vinyl warping professionally.

Need Assistance?

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Ceiling Repair and Installation Services

Rats, pigeons, and water are the enemies of the ceiling and make the roof ceiling filthy and unpleasant. If you want to replace or repair the roof ceiling, you can contact us for ceiling experts.

Solar Water Heater Installation

The company is offering expert services for solar water heater installation in Dubai. Our professionals will facilitate you to get warm water throughout the winter season without any problem.

Glass Fit-out Services

We also offer glass fit-out services for fitting glass along with aluminum works. If you also need to install glass in almirahs, cabinets or furniture items, you can contact us.

Landscaping and Gardening Services

If there is unused space connected to your home and you want to utilize it for gardening purposes. We have an expert team which specializes in transforming the land into a lush and beautiful heaven. Contact us for unparalleled expertise.

Smart Home Products and Installation

Our professionals excel in installation of all kinds of smart home products which can add comfort in your daily life chores.

Civil Minor Work

Our services cover all minor civil works. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are facing some minor civil work at home or workplace. We are a customer-oriented company and cover any scale of civil work.

Waterproofing and Chiller Pipe

We also provide a complete waterproofing solution to protect your property from water damage. You can also hire our professionals to install or repair chiller pipes.

Green Initiatives

We have liaison with environment protection experts. If you want to add eco-friendly practices in your ongoing projects, you can contact us for professional consultants for a project anywhere in Dubai.

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