Environment Friendly Initiatives Supported by Fix Plus Technical Services LLC

To make the world a better place to live in, we are supporting environment friendly initiatives to overcome the Carbon triggered hazards in the construction industry of Dubai. We believe that everyone must continue the efforts as every small effort contributes collectively to a larger and sustainable impact on our environment. To reduce the carbon footprint and promote a greener and cleaner future of Dubai and UAE, we must ensure the implementation of a range of initiatives designed by environment protection experts in the world. The company is supporting the environment friendly initiatives in following manner:

Environment Friendly Initiatives

Water Savers & Environment Friendly Initiatives

Drinkable fresh water has small resources on earth and is becoming an increasingly precious human survival necessity. All the efforts are made in its conservation in the world. At small scales, we can become a part of this movement by reducing the wastage of water. This demands efficient plumbing solutions, leak detection, and the installation of water saving fixtures at homes and offices. The company is determined to assist you in water saving initiatives and offers best plumbing and repairing solutions in Dubai to help you in cutting down on water wastage and controlling your utility bills consequently reducing the strain on local water supplies.

Planting Trees

Plants play a pivotal role in mitigating climate change and contributing to providing the essential oxygen for the survival of life on earth. Therefore, we must promote the planting of trees especially in the city of Dubai facing harsh weather conditions. Our tree plantation services are designed to cover your outdoor spaces and land with a wide range of plants and trees. In this way, we are assisting our clients in taking environment friendly initiative towards a healthier UAE and a greener Dubai by planting trees.

Water-Based Paint

There are harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in traditional paints which cause indoor air pollution, and the smell remains in the home or office for days. We are promoting water-based paints to reduce the harmful emissions which can cause allergic reactions to the residents with sensitive immune systems. On the other hand, water-based paints also provide high-quality, long-lasting finishes to outshine the interior and exterior while improving indoor air quality and minimizing environmental harm.


You can utilize the organic waste of your home by converting it into a nutrient-rich soil mixture to cultivate plants and trees in your garden and indoor pots. Our experts can assist you in the composting process and afterward diverting that organic waste from landfills to your gardens and farms ultimately helping in reducing the greenhouse gas emissions.

AC Energy Saver
Environment Friendly Initiatives

Air conditioning is the key to survival in the hot climates of Dubai and the UAE and keeping it in mint condition is very important. To make your AC system eco-friendly, we provide a complete set of services in AC Energy saver solutions. These services include installation, maintenance and retrofitting so that your AC energy consumption can be controlled while ensuring it is properly working and cooling performance is also not affected.

LED Lighting

To cope with the energy crises, one of the easiest ways is to switch from the traditional lighting system of home and office to LED lighting.  These lightings consume less power, last longer, and glow more brightly and reduce carbon emissions which make them more environment friendly than other lighting options. The company has experts to install, fix and replace the whole or partial LED lighting system of your building to ensure the desired brightness in your spaces.

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Solar Power

Electronic appliances working on solar power are becoming more popular all over the world because harnessing the power of the sun has proven to be a vital step toward sustainable energy solutions. We promote this environment friendly solution by providing solar power installation services in Dubai. You can rely on our services to get a clean and renewable energy source which not only reduces your electricity utility bills but also reliance on fossil fuel can be reduced nationally which is also becoming obsolete in some decades in future therefore, switching to renewable energy source is a wise option to avoid the energy crises in future which is also environment friendly energy source.