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Electrical work in Dubai, Hire Best Electrician Services

Need electrical work in Dubai? From installations to repairs, trust our experienced Electrician Services to keep your property powered safely

Hire our expert Services in Dubai for all kinds of Electrical works including repairing and installations. Fix Plus Technical Services have all the facilities i.e., skilled professionals and equipment to deliver high-quality services especially, in case of an emergency, our electrical works team will reach at your site to take you out of electricity breakdown by rectifying the issue.

We assure our clients that they will find commitment to safety, quality workmanship, and customer satisfaction by availing our services. Contact us today in case you are looking for a solution to your needs related to home or office electrical repairs, new installations, and emergency matters. Experience the difference that professionalism and expertise can make in your home or business. We are offering following set of services in this field:

Electrical work in Dubai

Emergency Electrical work in Dubai

Urgent electrical issue in Dubai? Our emergency electricians are ready to assist 24/7. Trust our skilled team to swiftly diagnose and resolve your electrical problems, ensuring safety and peace of mind. Contact us now for immediate assistance with your electrical emergencies

Fix Plus Technical Services LLC is offering 24/7 emergency services anywhere in Dubai as we know that electrical emergencies can occur at any time. On the other hand, a reliable team is also required to tackle emergency situations to ensure the safety of residents and peace of mind.

Experience the difference with our professional electricians. From installations to repairs, our skilled team delivers top-quality service for all your electrical needs. Trust us for reliable solutions and expert guidance tailored to your requirements. Contact us today for efficient and safe electrical work you can depend on

Our clients can contact us to address their urgent electrical issues on the number given in the contact us section to call our customer support team.

Electric Short Circuit Fixing

Short circuits can pose serious risks to your home or business. We provide emergency services to identify and resolve the short circuit problems for which we have a team of trained experts to ensure that the electrical system of your home or office is operating safely.

DP Box Breaker Trip Fixing

Tripping of breakers in a distribution Panel (DP) can be a result of sudden sparking and can be reset manually but if it keeps tripping continuously, it could indicate an underlying issue that needs a proper diagnosis and a fix. Contact us in this situation to ensure a steady and reliable power supply.

Light Dimmer Installation Electrical Work

Light dimmers are installed to control the brightness in the rooms. If you need the same to create the perfect ambiance with adjustable lighting then avail our services to install or change the light dimmers and control the brightness as per your mood.

Chandelier or Fanoos Hanging

This job demands much care and attention in handling as the chandelier or Fanoos are precious and costly decorative fixtures which are used to add a touch of sophistication to the interior spaces. So we have expert professionals to assist you.

Light & Lamp Fixing

Our experts will help you in enhancing the aesthetics of your home or office by fixing the light and lamps so that your home or office illuminates with elegance. Illuminate your space with ease – our light and lamp fixing services ensure seamless installations and repairs in Dubai. Trust our expert technicians for efficient solutions to brighten up your home or office.

Switch & Socket Installation

We help our clients to install additional electrical outlets in their buildings or replace the damaged ones as per their requirements.

Hide Cables Organizer Ducting

If you don’t want to clutter your home or office with messy cables and wires then ask us to organize your cables and ducting by concealing unsightly wires creating a tidy and safe environment in your building.

Home Appliances Fixing

We have a team of technicians who can fix different home appliances. Whether you have a malfunctioning washing machine, dishwasher or a refrigerator, our technicians will fix and condition all home appliances to work again like new. Just give them a try and experience professionalism.

Washing Machine Repair best Electrical work in Dubai

In case your washing machine needs repairing, contact us, we will provide you with an expert technician who will get your laundry back on track in a short time.

Dish Washer Repair best Electricial work in Dubai

A malfunctioning dishwasher can disrupt your daily routine and cause waste of time in daily house chores. If you need assistance from us, we assure you that our skilled team will diagnose and repair the issue and restore your dishwasher to come up with spotless dishes.

Fridge Repair affordable Electrician Services

Hire our technicians to get your fridge repaired so that you may not face inconvenience and spoiled food again. If your fridge needs replacement of any parts, our technicians will also replace those parts with the new ones.

Need Assistance?

Give us a call for exceptional service tailored to meet your every need!

Central AC Technician in Dubai

We also have technicians to repair and fix the central Air conditioner in your building or install a new one. Our technicians are adept at maintaining and repairing central air conditioning systems so that our clients enjoy their spaces with comfortable year-around.

Air Conditioning Services Dubai

Avail air conditioning services in Dubai with Fix Plus Technical Services. The company is offering facilities to its clients for regular maintenance of their air conditioning system so that it keeps running efficiently. These services include, AC filter cleaning and comprehensive inspections of AC to find and eradicate any issues.

AC Duct Leak Fixing

If the duct of an AC is leaking, it may cause the wastage of gas and energy, resulting in a decreased cooling efficiency. If your AC duct has the same issues then avail our specialized duct leak fixing facilities and ensure that your AC is working up to the mark.

Chiller AC Repair In Dubai

Chiller AC is used for large-scale cooling on commercial or industrial scale where proper cooling is required to be maintained. We also have a specialized team of technicians for Chiller AC repairing and fixing.

Split AC Installation in Dubai

Get in touch with our customer support team in case you need to install split AC in your home or office. We will also provide you the experts who will do the job up to your satisfaction levels.

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