Professional Handyman Services in Dubai by Fix Plus Technical Services LLC

Find skilled handyman services in Dubai for all your home repair needs, from plumbing to electrical work, our team ensures efficient and reliable solutions. Fix Plus Technical Services LLC is an experienced service provider in Dubai which facilitates its clients in fixing and maintaining their homes, offices, and property. The company is offering expert Handyman services in Dubai which are especially beneficial for those clients who have no time to carry out home improvement tasks or do not have the skills to do the job on their own. Mostly the simple and day to day home jobs such as drilling, hanging, and mounting the objects correctly becomes difficult and complex so that hiring the services of experts become essential to perform those simple tasks.

On the other hand, repairing and fixing home appliances and other furniture and fixtures also require expert professionals of the relevant field. Therefore, we assign these tasks to handymen or handywomen with years of experience in the field and a commitment to excellence. They assist the clients in the best possible way. Some of the common handyman services in Dubai offered by Plus Technical Services LLC are listed below:

handyman services in dubai

Handyman Services in Dubai for Drilling, Hanging & Mounting

Those items which are required to be mounted by drilling the walls, our technician will mount them safely and securely. We have professional handymen in Dubai for drilling & mounting

Curtain Rods & Blind Installation

To enhance the look of your windows and ensure privacy, curtain Rods and blind are installed professionally.

Mirror & Picture Frames Hanging

Aligning the mirrors and picture frames needs expert skills so our expert will do this job for you.

Shelves Hanging on Walls

Shelves are needed to enhance the storage capacity for your belongings. Our team is skilled for the job.

Light Lamp & Chandelier Fixing

Fixing the light fixtures and chandeliers at the right spot is necessary to illuminate your space. Our handymen help you to place them at the right place.

TV Bracket Mounting on Wall

Mounting a TV Bracket on the wall to experience a cinema-like environment needs professional hands. This task is quite technical and needs special skills. Our technicians are experts in TV bracket mounting.

Water Leak Repair

Water leaks not only affect the tidiness of your kitchen and bathroom but also damage the walls and flooring which need urgent repairs. The plumbing team is skilled at diagnosing and repairing water leaks.

Commode Fixing

If you need commode fixing in your toilet, you can avail our expert services. Our handyman will reach your place in a short notice. FixPlusCare is offering best Handyman Services in Dubai

Sink Water Leak or Drain Block

We are providing permanent solutions for sink related plumbing problems. Just contact us for a handyman services in Dubai.

Basin Clogged Water Fixing

To ensure smooth water flow, our experts unclog your basin with the right tools without damaging any main pipe or basin so that you may not face the issue again.

Drain Pipe Water Leak Repair

One of the worst issues faced by the owner of a building is water leaking drain pipe. Our plumbing team can handle any situation with their expertise.

BathTub Water Leak

To ensure a leak-free and functioning bath, bathtub issues are addressed efficiently by our expert plumbers.

Water Heater Leak Repair & Replace Water Heater Installation

We are providing comprehensive services to keep water heaters installed in your building in top shape through our unmatched repair and installation facilities.

Low Pressure Water Pump Repair

We have a proper solution to restore water pressure by diagnosing and fixing the issue responsible for low water pressure.

Washing Machine Installation & DishWasher Connection

We have the best facilities for hassle-free appliance installations and connections including washing machines and dishwashers.

Washing Machine & Fridge Repair | Handyman Services in Dubai

If your washing machine or fridge needs a repair, you need not to worry to transport it to a repair shop, instead, our expert technicians will visit your home or office to repair it at the spot.

Split AC Installation & AC Thermostat Repair

We also provide installation services for split AC or in case your AC needs a thermostat repair or replacement, our technician will fix it.

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Central AC & Chiller Repair

Central AC & Chiller is responsible for central cooling in a building and is larger in size. In case of malfunction, our expert technicians can handle any issue to keep them working efficiently.

AC Water Leak Repair & Filter Clean

Avail our services to fix AC water leak and cleaning AC filters to increase its efficiency.

Breaker Trip Fixing & DP Box Short Circuit Repair

Our electrician will reach the place of issue in a short notice so that you may not face an electricity breakdown for a long time.

Door Lock, Handle, Hinges Repair (Locksmiths)

Our Locksmiths are best in securing your home with quality locks, handles and hinges repairing.

Wood, Glass, Gypsum Partition | Handyman Services in Dubai

If your room or hall needs a partition to divide your space according to your needs, our handymen will neatly create partitions using wood, glass, and gypsum material as you desire. FixPlus Care LLC is best handyman services providder in Dubai

Furniture Assembling

Furniture assembling can be a bit technical and assembling it accurately without damaging any joint or a part requires services of experts. We have the best furniture handymen for the job.

Interior & Exterior Painting, End Tenancy Painting, Wallpaper Installation, and Touchup Painting

Renovate your building by painting and wallpapers through our expert services to enhance the looks of the interior and exterior of your building.